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Aloha Representative Robert N. Herkes, Chair, Consumer Protection & commerce Committee (and) Aloha Representative Felipe P. Abinsay, Chair, Agriculture Committee We, the undersigned individuals are Friends of Kona Coffee, residents of the State of Hawaii, and/or are involved in the production of 100% Kona Coffee. This Petition is in support of HB1974, and in the alternative HB2163. We support legislation that would mandate an incease in the minimum amount of Kona Coffee to be used in \"Kona Blends,\" and improvement of Label Law to require the proper identification of all foreign (non-Kona) coffees included in the package. We support passage of HB1974, or in the alternative HB2163, with minor modifications. Implimentation of either Bill should be delayed for 12 months from enactment to permit the affected parties transition time. Further, to allow the market to adjust in an orderly way, the minimum percentage of Kona Coffee required should be phased in over a three (3) year period as follows: For HB1974, 25% Kona first year, 50% Kona second year, and 75% Kona third year. For HB 2163, 25% first year, 35% second year and 50% third year. Of the two subject bills, HB1974 is the favored bill of the undersigned because it mandates a higher percentage of pure Kona coffee, closer to the 100% we favor. In addition HB1974 addresses the problem that \"blend\" coffee packages heretofore have not been required to identify the non-Kona ingredients. PLEASE RECOMMEND APPROVAL OF ONE OF THESE IMPORTANT BILLS.


Individual farmers and participants in the Kona Coffee industry



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