Stop Pseudoscience & The Occult in Public Schools

To: California State Superintendent Jack O\'Connell, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, California State Board of Education, Monterey County School Board. Over the past three years, the International School of Monterey, California, a public charter school, has had two \"doctors of medical qigong\" from the International Institute of Medical Qigong ( instruct their student body in \"medical\" qigong exercises. This was done without parental consent or notification. These \"doctors\" are not licensed by the State of California. In fact, to become a doctor of medical qigong, one has to learn among other things how project energy balls, how to treat Spirit or Demon Possession, how to use hand seals and incantations to paralyze spirit entities, Faith Projection and Incantations, and finally how to understand psychic and sorcery attacks. The basis for these beliefs is the belief in a universal life force called \"chi.\" This was also taught to the children. In fact, one exercise that the children performed had them hold out their arms to the side and raise them over their heads. At this point, they were told that they were pulling energy (\"Chi\") out of the earth and it was populating their body organs, then as they lowered their arms they were told that they were returning the excess \"Chi\" to the earth. The school has stopped the practice, but has refused to inform parents that their children were exposed to these pseudoscientific and occult beliefs. The school\'s charter is now up for renewal with both the State and the County. We the undersigned are requesting that both the State and the County refuse to renew the school\'s charter and withhold state and federal funding until the following steps are taken: 1. Fully discloses to parents what the children were taught, including all lesson plans, tapes, and other relevant materials. 2. Discloses all internal documentation about \"qigong\" and how \"medical qigong\" became part of its curriculum. 3. Presents to all students the scientific view of Qigong and the non-existence of \"Chi.\" If these steps are not taken, then we the undersigned are requesting that the school


A group of concerned citizens who support religious freedom in the United States and are opposed to the teaching of pseudoscience to our children.


The first three links are taken from the school in which the medical qigong practitioners came from. Again, these \"doctors\" were allowed to instruct ISM students in \"medical\" qigong for three years. An overview of a seminar taught at the Medical Qigong Instititute. Here are a couple of sample quotes: \"This type of Daoist training includes the actual use and training of


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    Michael Homan, United States

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    Comments: I am not signing this petition, but want to point out western scientific theorizes being taught also in public schools as fact... such as the big bang theory and global warming. If stikes me funny that with all of the other indoctrination being presented in public schools and colleges (pharmaceutical drug manufacturer's being able to influence young medical professionals), that Qigong is pointed out. If all living things are animated, (by what?) then how can you say that chi does not exist? Look to another, Western theory called Quantum Physics... it points out the same thing about energy. So, does it depend on the language used in interpretation, or that it is from another country? There is nothing wrong with Qigong, I practice it myself.
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    Bill Cassity, United States

    6 years ago
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    Tammy Wagner, United States

    6 years ago
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