Who is the loser in the merger between PRP and Congress

Who is the loser? The numbers are quite big! The show is well scripted, and executed. In the end who is the loser. Dear Chiranjeevi sir, It was during the times when the entire state was buried down in corruption and cast based politics. The difference between the democracy and autocracy is narrowed down to near zero. The people are tired and fed up with these leaders, fed up with the system and are in a dilemma to choose its next leader. Then came a ray of hope to the people in the form of you (Chiranjeevi) and through your political party “praja rajyam”, which promised to curb the corruption and bring down the cast based politics in the system. People were energized and inspired with your speeches. Poor people either hoping a change in the system or fed up with the existing parties or the young people who thought their very next carrier into politics are thru this very party, joined praja rajyam. But the best weapon of democracy (Elections) gave you very disappointing results, but please remember that your entry into the system changed some statistics and the fate of many politicians in the state. We know you are very eager for the power, but couldn’t you wait for another term. Didn’t you ever think that you need to answer to the public who voted for you, who respected you, who believed in you and in the end who were betrayed by you? Well Mr. Hero, as a public servant you need to answer us these questions. 1. During the campaign all your speeches were just focused on the corrupted policies of the ruling party. Now how come you join the very same party 2. We are the people who voted to your party with a dislike on the ruling or the opposition. But now you joined the ruling. Which means our vote is casted to whom we dislike (Against the system of democracy) 3. Did you ever consider the fate of your party members in various towns and villages who worked for you day and night and spent lot of their personal money to see a positive change and who considered their carrier with you? 4. Did you ever think that the opposition is as important as the ruling for the wellbeing of the people? In the end please remember, “If the opposition joins the ruling the loser is neither, but the public”. 

-Jai Hind



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    Murali, Asia/Pacific Region

    4 years ago Comments: Waste of time.. even just thinking about him... He Just need a power,position and money.... come on guyz.. atleast try to realize now.... Ethicless politics.. in India again proved after merging of Congress and PRP.
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    Swetha, United States

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    Gopi, United States

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