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Protection of Ulcinj Salina

Center for Protection and Research of Birds of Mon CZIP
Center for Protection and Research of Birds of Mon CZIP
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Prime Minister of Montenegro
Mr. Igor Lukšić
Address: Karađorđeva bb,
Dear Sir Luksic,

We, signed here,strongly protest against the conversion of 15 km2 of Ulcinj Salina to the touristic development area intended for the construction of hotels and golfcourses. We do not want to reconcile with the fact that, in the year marking the 20 years of the proclamation of Montenegro for the ecological state, government does nothing to protect one of the most valuable ecological areas in the country.

For your information:

1989. Ulcinj Salina was recognized as the Important Bird Area;

2004. the Board of Salina proclaimed it for the first private nature park in Montenegro;

2006. its recognized as the Emerald site of Bern Convention;

2007. the form is filled for its declaration of Ramsar wetland of international

importance because of the nine criteria it fully meets the six;

2008. the Salina is on the list of potential Natura 2000 sites in Montenegro.

Salina is the most important site for nesting, wintering and roosting for birds on their migration along eastern coast of Adriatic. Of about 500 species of European birds, 250 species or 50% are registered on Salina. A quarter of the total number of nesting birds of Montenegro is nesting in Ulcinj Salina.
Salina provides service for a number of endangered species of fish, amphibians and reptiles, and more than 70 species of birds from the Annex I Bird Directive. 15 species of birds registered in Salina in certain periods of the year exceed 1% of the regional-global population of these species.

An infrastructure for bird watching is already set up in Salina along with The Salt museum, and recently it’s a target site for many research institutions and organizations in the country and abroad. It has already taken a significant spot on the European bird watchers map.
Please, reconsider the regulations of the Spatial Plan of Montenegro until 2020, which was passed in 2007, which, despite the opposition from the citizens of

Ulcinj and the numerous non-governmental organizations, has created from a potential protected area – as Salina was defined in the draft of this Plan, a touristic development area.

Salina, despite its importance for the biodiversity and the economy of the country, has its own cultural and historical significance as it is more than 80 years responsible for the development of Ulcinj, and is one of the oldest factories in the country. Salina is the most ideal example of the synergy of financial exploitation of land (salt production) and nature conservation. It is an example of sustainable production, because it is based on the action of sun and wind. Operation of this plant alone is responsible for the survival of flora and fauna.

We demand from You as Prime Minister of the state, to examine the course of privatization of Ulcinj Salina and its conversion of basins from oases of biodiversity to the touristic development area.

We expect of you to use your influence and in this case subdue the private interest of the owner of Salina to the public interest-the preservation of the salt factory and enabling continuing of its providing of services to people, and flora and fauna, as an international resource. Concreting and drainage of Salinas basins, Montenegro, which has 20 years ago declared it self the first ecological state in the world, is risking its reputation in international circles, as in environmental and in political.


  • Dioney Romario Tomas Angel
    Mar 13, 2016
    Mar 13, 2016
    Birds ecology are important around world because of plants and another animals need about them
  • Emily Brennan
    Emily Brennan Montenegro, Ulcinj
    Aug 07, 2015
    Aug 07, 2015
    Montenegro needs to show real commitment to the protection of its biodiversity if it wants to continue attracting tourists and also if it wants to enter the EU. The proposed destruction of one of its top bird sites is a disgrace and implies that Montenegro's commitment to it's environment is just a hollow marketing statement.
  • Vojtěch Bárta
    Vojtěch Bárta Czech Republic, Prague
    Jul 28, 2015
    Jul 28, 2015
    Many tourists from Czech republic disagree with Montenegrin bad environmental policies. I don´t want spend holidays in overdeveloped country, I only like to visit it for pristine nature, your biggest treeasure!
  • Peter Böhm
    Peter Böhm Germany
    May 08, 2015
    May 08, 2015
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