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    ckjomlpvumj, Brazil

    3 years ago Comments: fSslR9 , wqnedqttrxcn, crkpvabwdwcm, http://mnagmitrresu.com/
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    Girlessa, Netherlands

    3 years ago Comments: Josh, that is the most assinine soguestign I have heard, even coming from a NASCAR blog. Who did these precious little kiddies learn their first swear word from? Kyle Busch? Unlikely. Where did they first see the one-fingered salute? FROM DADDY (or MOMMY) driving the family SUV! And who showed this horrendous gesture not once, but hundreds of times in the last 3 days? ESPN. Maybe NASCAR should tell ESPN they don't meet their family standards rules and the remaining two races will be televised on the Christian Network.On the other hand, we did see a fine example of road rage a few minutes later, when Daddy Jeff Gordon physically assaulted another driver on the track. How about sitting Gordon for a race or two. Now, let me think, which would I rather have my child see? A raised middle finger or a physical attack by one of the ambassadors of the sport? Not a tough call for me. Gordon should be banned for life!The trouble with people like you is that you are hypocrital, self-righteous jackarses who appoint themselves the moral leaders for the rest of us. And M&M/Mars is arguably doing more harm to little children with their sugar-coated treats than all the obscene gestures Kyle will make in his entire lifetime. And you know the company is not going anywhere near a morality issue when their business is inherently immoral.Just admit it: you hate Kyle and now you have more reason to justify your commission of one of the seven deadly sins. Yup, the Bible talks about hate and anger, but not a word about middle fingers. Get a life. A moral Christian life which sets an example of tolerance rather than blind hatred. You make my stomach turn.
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    Edwin, Sweden

    3 years ago Comments: Danke ffcr die Info! Ffcr die Lektfcre der 60-Seiten PDF he4tte ich nun wirklich nicht die Zeit, aber ggfaret hab ich mich das auch schon. Schade dass eine Petition an sich als Verfahren sowenig bewegt, aber als Mittel der d6ffentlichkeitsarbeit einerseits und der inneren Mobilisierung andererseits hat sie ihren Dienst schon erwiesen. Vor allem letzteres. Viele Grfcdfe.
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