Prosecute George W. Bush

They said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. They didn’t. They said Saddam was an imminent threat to our national security. He wasn’t. They convinced us Iraq was involved in 9/11. It wasn’t. And yet America, still reeling from the September 11th attacks, launched a full scale invasion of Iraq. 

The destruction was unimaginable: over 4,400 American soldiers, dead. Over a hundred thousand innocent Iraqis, dead. Millions displaced. A nation destroyed. Cost to U.S. taxpayers…almost a trillion dollars. When we didn’t find anything they simply said the intelligence was bad. But what if the intelligence wasn’t bad? What if the entire Iraq war was based on a calculated lie? It would make every American soldier’s death a murder. 

Ignored and blacked out by the mainstream press, Mr. Bugliosi (author of The Prosecution of an American President) has fought an uphill battle to bring his message to the American people. To the survivors who struggle with the unthinkable possibility that their government led them astray. To the families of veterans who have taken their own lives in record numbers. To the outraged citizens who have organized and protested, but who haven’t yet found a way to bring a strong case. 

It only takes one family to start a class-action lawsuit and several more to support the case in front of an American court. If you lost a loved one in the war you have the right to try the person responsible for killing your family member. If we were led to war based on a lie and under false pretenses than the killings that followed in the war are considered unlawful killings. With the support of the American families and the support of our American justice system we can make a legal case against George W. Bush for first degree murder.

Join us and tell your government that they can't get away with this sort of behavior!


The Prosecution of an American President


The movie from the book, The Prosecution of an American President.


  • Janet gillin No president is above the law it's about time this country stand up and not allow people like bush to get away with the crimes they commit.

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    Janet gillin

    1 month ago Comments: No president is above the law it's about time this country stand up and not allow people like bush to get away with the crimes they commit.
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    Peggy L. Lawson, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Keep G.W. in US. Those dead can't see the world why should he have the honer and privilege of this great planet.
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    Rohil, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I don't understand why alot of people like this motherfucker named Vincent Bugliosi. I mean this fucking asshole still doesn't believe that the Israeli Lobby is behind the Iraq War and had huge influence with the assistance of the neoconservatives. He even doesn't attack the sinister traitor named Richard Perle and Norman Podhoretz. Fuck Bugliosi. Even the late Gore Vidal was better than this asshole. He blamed Bush and the Lobby of Israel on the war.
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