Private number plates - change the law on spacing

Private number plates express our indidviality. We pay hundreds of pounds for our car to have our name or something relevant to us on, and then we are told that we cant space them the way we want. Did you know that if you get ticketed to much the DVLA can actually take back your number plate (without refunding the money you paid for it) The police are waisting precious resources on pulling people over and ticketing them, when they could be out catching real criminals. We pay enough for our cars just keeping them on the road, so why cant we be allowed to simply put a space in our private plates. In America they can choose their own registration, so why cant we


I have a private number plate and think it\'s shocking that i cant space it out the way i want. I paid for it so why cant i choose how it reads. I am not saying that i agree with the poeple that mis represent their numbers, i just want to put a space so it spell out what i paid for it. Im also very shocked to learn from a local police man (after being pulled over) that if i get pulled over too many times i can have my number plate taken away from me, and not have the money back i paid for it. I think that this is just another example of the Big brother state that this country is becoming.

Links This is the dvla website that tells you the current laws on how to space and what font should be on your number plate.


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