Principal Swann Out !!!

Lets get the principal Ms.Ann Swann out of Gladys Noon Spellman elementary.Ms.Swann has no respect for us parents and she is very rude.Ms.Swann be littles people a bully when it comes to talking about persons child.The staff has no say because they are affraid to speak up if the principal is wrong.The test scores have come back five times as failed.Its time for us parents,staff,community,and children to stand and speak up.Dont be scared.We make her job.Theres another petition out on her somewhere.She was suppose to out 2 years ago.She not helping the school or the children.Shes hurting them.Please sign so we can get someone in there for our children and the school.


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    Ms.E Studavent, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Good morning.I know one of the parents that are having a problem with the principal and I understand them.I dont know the principal,but I will say I know thats a tuff job to have. Im a mom and my best friend is a principal at a md school (not PGC, thank GOD) and we think when it comes to all the kids all the grown ups need to work together.So when problems like the one my friend is having or any other problems pop up the principal and the parent(s) can work together to fix it and not bring outsiders(police,the board,etc..) in and make a bigger mess of things.
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    P. Johnson, United States

    7 years ago Comments: As a Cheverly resident and teacher at GNS since 1984, I am very concerned. The staff works together with the children as a family unit. We all care about children! Some decisions that are in the best interest of children and the school as a whole, may be unpopular. But, the principal often has to make tuff decisions. The wonderful thing about being educated in America is that you will receeive a free, public education -- and it's okay to complain!!
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    Ms Miller, United States

    7 years ago Comments: hi there im new around her and I have 3 small children under 3 and im shocked to see what i have read.The principal should never be rude or make a parent feel this way to the point to get a petition going.To the principal you need to respect people and you need to talk to the people.I may not send my children there if this problem doesnt get better
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