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Most people don’t know the torture chickens are put through to get their eggs. You should: Caged chickens are stuck in a space so small, they have no room to even spread their brutally-cut wings. So that they don’t peck and hurt each other more than they already have been hurt at the hands of humans, these innocent chickens’ beaks are burned off. These chickens are forced to molt (lose their feathers) early and are not allowed to give in to instinct or act naturally. You can change this. You have a voice and you can stand up for these innocent animals being hurt for their eggs. Please sign this petition and support cage-free eggs and caged-free chickens. Thank you.

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  • Donald Williams No animal should suffer the way these chickens do

  • Justyna Stop this cruelty!!!! These are unbelievably cruel and inhumane conditions. Please support free range and better yet GO VEGAN. These animals don't deserve this pain and suffering.

  • Livvy Williams You're right; the conditions these chickens face are so cruel, it's almost unbelievable. Thank you for the support!

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