Our children derserve to be prepared for a computerized education

Some of you are very aware of the computer situation at the middle school, and some of you haven't had to deal with it yet.  Basically when our children reach 6th grade they are mandated to use a computer from the third week of school on.  The computer is used for most of the in school and out of school work.  Unfortunately the New Fairfield School Administration doesn't prepare the children for this transition.  Our children are not offered a keyboarding class at all, and are not offered any basic computer skills until they are alredy using the compuer almost exclusively.  Our children are just given a computer and if they can't keep up in class they fall behind and we all know how frustrating that can be.
We believe that our children deserve to be prepared for this transition, it is hard enough that they are making the transition into middle school, but to throw this at them too is not fair to them or their families.

If you support this, and you are a resident of New Fairfield,  please sign this petition so that we can have a larger voice to ask the administration to prepare our children for a computerized education.


“It is difficult to dispute the prominence of keyboarding as a foundational skill needed to compute efficiently in today’s technology-rich society.”

Renaissance Learning Report, February 2007


"Teachers are realizing the importance of keyboarding as a basic skill as indicated by the rate of increase in the number of school districts implementing keyboarding instruction at the elementary level. However, this increase is still deficient if indeed the mandate is for all students to be computer literate. School districts should include keyboarding instruction in the elementary curriculum that includes the development of efficient inputting skills to use technological tools more effectively."

"The National Commission of Excellence in Education included computer literacy as a basic knowledge for all students. Since this recommendation was made, what has happened in subsequent years? As states and school districts mandate computer literacy, are they providing reinforcement of keyboarding that leads to the development of usable skills?"

Harriet D. Rogers, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater





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