Power Nap Rooms at WUR

When falling asleep during lectures or your study hours in the library, you have not many choices: getting a hold on coffee or dying on your notes.

What if the university could offer you a cozy, silent and safe room for taking power naps? Short sleeping breaks have multiple and proven benefits: going back to work with renewed energy and higher concentration levels is just one.

That is what we request from Wageningen University:

a set of small quiet spaces on campus, with different settings, equipped with recycled or second hand material to make them comfortable.
We want to increase our rate in animal welfare and give an opportunity to experimenting on siesta science.
(See Figure: http://goo.gl/TBf0Pu)

This is a seed idea, please do not step on it. Help it to grow, contributing with your suggestions in the comments.


  • Martina Any kind of relaxing place, or at least couches or fat boy's are missing in the campus

  • Anonymous A power nap after lunch always helps. 10 mins and you're fresh as a daisy. The vagal symptoms after lunch are there for a reason.

  • JLomas Nap has proven benefits, thats for sure!

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