Craig\'s List should STOP charging Brokers for rental listings in NY!

The New York Real Estate market has taken some scary twists over the past couple of years causing brokers to spend countless dollars on advertising and Craig\'s List to explode as a dominating force in the market. Brokers needed the free outlet to move property fast and especially promote their rentals as quick turnover is vital. As of Thursday June 15th, San Francisco based Craig\'s List now puts a price where a price tag should never be




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    Clara, Russian Federation

    3 years ago Comments: If you don't have ACCESS TO THE BANKS, it doesn't matter if you have NO MONEY or even A LOT OF MONEY YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GET THE KIND OF DEALS THAT KEEP YOU IN BUSINESS!!! Visit us TODAY at wwodwtDare2Dreamdotbiz or call 310.356.7027
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    Tom, Italy

    3 years ago Comments: This is a good idea, but it needs strategy and ctisnsoent effort behind it. There are alot of directories that list cities from all over the world. You even have competition with google maps and yahoo local. You must find a way to standout and have benefit for the customers who would become listed. The advantage you have over all other companies is that you are truly local, that's your town, and you can control it alot better. You can pass out flyers, advertise in local media, and start good word of mouth. I have tried this myself and enjoyed it for a while. The best things that worked was offering marketing campaigns which are like sales events where u link up a business promotion online, mite wanna even offer print materials. I would suggest making your site more user-friendly keeping it plain with less applets and effects and stick to just regular graphics (jpg or gif) The more basic it is, the more users can view it, from cell phones, pcs, or even mac notebooks. Get a designer for cheap at or host a logo competition at for $200, u will find some amazing creations from this pool of designers. Keeping it simple is the key and getting the word out is the fuel needed to drive in more business. Keep a good benefit for your customers and go search online to free things to list their promotions like or yahoo local. Keep an affordable price and dont be scared to find them exactly what they want even if you have to find someone else and have a middleman fee (administration or setup fee). You have some good ambition, just keep strategizing. Good luck.
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    Reymon, Russian Federation

    3 years ago Comments: No. They don't all charge the cuometsr. If they do it shouldn't be too high, less than $ 50.However, there are plenty that don't charge at all. They get their fees from the insurance companies that they recommend to you. You can even use online brokers to get an idea of the best prices available for free and then go directly to the company you think is the best and get an even better deal through them if you be sure to check into all the available discounts.
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