I sent a 12th of May postcard to Karina Hansen in Denmark

Skriv venligst under her, når du har sendt dit 12. maj-postkort for at støtteden alvorligt syge ME-patient Karina Hansen i Danmark!

Den 12. maj 2013 vil det være tre måneder siden, at den alvorligt ME-syge Karina på 24 årblev fjernet med tvang fra sit hjem.Hun er stadig indlagt på Hammel Neurocenter mod sin vilje.Hun viser ikke tegn på bedring, og hendes forældre har stadig ikke fået lov til at se eller tale med hende. Karinas forældre og advokat, der har fuldmagt for hende, har stadig ikke modtaget nogen form for officielle dokumenter eller journal om hendes sag.

Du kan skrive under hermed dit navn og/eller din by og dit land og skrive en kommentar, eller teksten fra dit postkort. Mange tak! Underskriftindsamlingen vil fortsætte online efter maj måned 2013. Du kan se alle underskrifter og kommentarer her: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/postcardtokarina/signatures

Please sign this petition, when you have sent your 12th of May postcard to support the severely-ill ME patient Karina Hansen in Denmark!

On the 12th of May, 2013, it will be three months since theseverely-ill ME patient Karina, aged 24, was forcibly removed from her home.She is still being held against her will at Hammel Neurocenter in Denmark. There is no improvement in Karina’s condition and her parents have still not been allowed to see or talk to her. Her parents and lawyer, who have power of attorney for Karina, have still not received any official documents about the case.

You can sign here with your name and/or town and country and leave a comment orthe text from your postcard, if you like. Thank you! The petition will stay online after the ME Awareness Month ofMay2013.You can see all the signatures and comments here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/postcardtokarina/signatures


ME Foreningen, Danmark The ME Association in Denmark email: reh@me-foreningen.dk www.me-foreningen.dk


Baggrundsinformation om ME Foreningens postkort-aktion

Background information about the ME Association's postcard action


  • A Burrow We fellow ME- sufferers, have to stand up for each other when we are too ill to fight for ourselves. What is happening to Karina is barbaric and inhumane, and it is even more shocking to realise this is happening in a European country in 2014. Denmark should hang its head in shame.

  • sally ager-harris Please please release Karina and let her family and specialists in ME see her and treat her. I also have ME but am 100% better although not working. ME is real. I have had it for 8 years having me normal and healthy. There is nothing that is not real about this grim illness. Sally

  • Roy and Sarah McColludm This is appalling. Karina is not only not a harm to herself or anyone else, but she is of age and should be able to check herself out of any facility. She is ill with a very REAL DISEASE that does not originate in her head. It's time for the government and doctors who think they know best to get OUT OF THE WAY of patient rights and parental rights. Doctors, how would you feel if this was your daughter? I suspect you would not have permitted her to be locked up like a common criminal, just for having an illness that is not well understood by some.

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