A Priest’s Celibacy; A Matter of Choice without Ministry Repercussion

Currently a correspondence is being prepared for Pope Benedictus PP. XVI; on matters of the church.  The communication will principally attempt to have a discourse on the matter of celibacy among priests in the church.  Over four years have passed since I first had the unction to correspond. Considering deeply the contents in order to not offend, but be heard and convince.  I am deeply sorry for the degree of contemplation; which delayed the sending, particularly when the current circumstances in the church were anticipated.


I will add the text shortly, but did not want to delay the gathering of signatures on the petition that will accompany the communication. The title of the petition speaks for itself.


I pray to have millions of signers... 


Sage Maxwell



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    Anna Williams, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: As there is no Biblical evidence that Jesus expected the Priest to be celibate and as I have read, St Peter, the first Pope was a married man, it should not be mandatory. I have thought that during seminary and training, a young man (and only man) should agree not to be involved in any relationship, therefore able to concentrate on their studies. Once Ordained, a Catholic appropriate relationship should be allowed. Most churches have Presbyteries, so the accommodation would not be a problem, and there would be no need to employ housekeepers. In the short term, there could be admittance for men who are already in a Church approved marriage, with a defined cut off date for this option. Whilst in seminary the priest should not be with their families, but support them. Just my thoughts………
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    Jonathan Heim, United States

    4 years ago Comments: I completely agree.
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    Kenneth Maxwell, Korea, Republic of

    5 years ago Comments: Dominus vobiscum

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