Add Water Park and Pool Back into the Southeast Recreation and Arts Center

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Fort Collins City Council-

We, the citizens of Fort Collins, ask that you reinstate plans for indoor leisure and lap pools in the Southeast Recreation and Arts Center. Reasons for removing these and other popular features contravene the City Plan's own Community and Neighborhood Livability vision for a high quality built environment with "vital and appealing activity centers and destinations throughout the city." Furthermore,adding these features back conforms with the City Plan's High Performing Community vision by making recreational opportunities more "inclusive and accessible to all people," regardless of where they live.

1) The city's public outreach shows constituents' most requested feature is a leisure pool. complete with water slides and a lazy river. This feature meets a need for children which is currently unavailable and fulfills Policy CPR 4.1 by improving balance and expanding the variety of recreational opportunities available within Fort Collins. Policy CPR 5.1 instructs the city to address changing needs by seeking public input. In agreement with that policy, we're asking you to respond to the public input you've already received.

2) Fort Collins has an established need for additional pool facilities for swimming teams. At present, all four of the city's pools are located in the northern section of town. This concentration of resources defies Policies T 1.1, T 3.2, T 3.4, T 12.1, T 12.2, SW 2.1, SW 2.3 and SW 2.4 by forcing most residents to either drive personal vehicles to these facilities or forego these year-round opportunities entirely.

Please reinstate leisure and lap pools into plans for the Southeast Recreation and Arts Center. This petition serves to reiterate your constituents' wishes in this regard.

Fort Collins City Plan (policy and vision references)

Fort Collins Southeast Recreation & Arts Feasibility Study

This petition is for Fort Collins residents only. Your comments will be included when this is presented to the Fort Collins City Council. If you'd like to send additional comments directly to councilmembers, send them to


  • David Vorlage As an avid swimmer and fan of Fort Collins, it is a little embarrassing how far Fort Collins is behind other Front Range cities in Aquatics facilities, especially seeing first hand how the City's pools are falling apart, tons of deferred maintenance, woefully over-scheduled, the high schools don't have their own pools, etc. Swimming is a fantastic sport and family activity, and there is a huge supply/demand imbalance in Fort Collins between the number of swimmers vs. swimming facilities.

  • Devin Hirning The Harmony Corridor has one of the highest concentrations of primary jobs. Give them somewhere to workout during lunch breaks, don't build more meeting spaces.

  • Justina French We need another pool in Fort Collins, Swimming is huge here and we have no pool space for Club and HS Loveland has pools at all the High schools we need this.

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    Patrick Sullivan

    6 months ago Comments: No other sizeable community across the Front Range has the imbalance we have here in Fort Collins. A very large (and growing!) swimming and diving community, combined with existing aquatics facilities that are aging, under-maintained, and chronically over-scheduled. The fact that we have 4 large high schools w/o a single pool tells us all we need to know. Lets build this pool!
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