Moderation concern: Juice

This petition is for regular members of MangaMasters who have found Juice to be unfit as a moderator, and thus are requesting that she step down.


  • Foxuchan Seeing the way juice behaves makes it very uncomfortable to be in a room with her, a mod is supposed to be approachable, not scary.

  • rebecca sears
    Hello, I would like to explain one of my experiences with the moderator Juice that happened maybe a month or two ago.

    Juice and some fellow artists had just finished the backgrounds to a group theme rp. It was the type that took up the entire canvas, several panels, maybe 6-7. There was a lot of effort put into them; color, detail, angles, etc. However, the log glitched, resulting in their work to be cleared and redone.

    I believe most of the bgs were being done by Juice and another artist. However, she seemed to be struggling with some of the panels and asked for help. I sympathized with the artist having to do these backgrounds all over again.

    One background, however in particular confused me. I looked at it and couldn't tell the angle. Are we looking down at the image, or frontal view? The more I looked at it, the more confused I was. Was that blue area sky or was it water reflecting clouds? Was the green patch in the top right-hand corner ground, or was that a tree? I was truly at a loss with this abstract background.

    If I didn't know what was going on with the background, others might not know as well. Because of that notion, I decided to politely speak up and get some clarity on what the image was. Immediately I got backlashed by Juice. I asked if I could help work on the background to make it a little clearer, but Juice remained to only talk to her group.

    Long story short, I tried to make the image clearer, but she erased my work, leading to this: That is Juice's writing and face on the right, which was drawn right before I was kicked out of the room.

    In my 4+ years in pchat and being a heavy user, I have never been kicked out of a room until now. I've befriended several mods as well, never having a problem with any users. All I had asked if it the green patch on the top right was a tree, resulted in my kicking.

    After this mess, I have avoided Juice and any themed rps. I do not want to be around a mod who will take control of the entire situation, but lack clarity, self-control, or decency. Everything became a personal attack to her, even though I complimented her several times on the great work and effort put into the backgrounds. If things are not done her way, or you make suggestions, she flips out.

    I only speak up of this now, because of this petition. Other artists have experienced the “my way or the high-way” with her. And frankly, her way isn't very right a lot of the times and ruining everyone's experiences and voices in mangamasters. It's time to have a flexible mod who will listen to everyone politely and not take everything as a personal attack.

    Thank you for reading this.


    Side note: If anyone is wondering, the image has no tree, but only ground, bush, water. However, anyone I have shown this image to has had no idea what's going on or guessed incorrectly.

  • DnG My User name on MangaMasters is DnG.

    In my experience I've found Juice to be over-bearing and unable to consider another person’s opinion. It’s either her way or the high-way. I’ve also seen her harassment upon anyone who doesn't want to be around her. She will hound them about trying to fix their personal problems even if they don’t want her to. I have personally been put through her physiological abuse which has affected me greatly in all aspects of my life. As a mod she comes off as unapproachable and made rash decisions. For these reasons I believe she is un-fit to moderate MangaMasters.

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    Foxuchan , United States

    1 year ago Comments: Seeing the way juice behaves makes it very uncomfortable to be in a room with her, a mod is supposed to be approachable, not scary.
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