Please Ubisoft give ZombiU a sequel on Wii U

Thank you Ubisoft for bringing your great game ZombiU to the Wii U. We are many fans who loved this excellent and scary Zombie apocalypse that quickly became a cult game for Wii U. A great game like this must not end with one game, as it was both refreshing and role model how a zombie apocalypse should be on a console. Its arguable one of the best zombie games ever made, and definitley the scariest. Dear Ubisoft, please release a sequel to this superb game for Wii U (and other consoles).


  • Matt Ossman ZombiU was the best Survival Horror I have played in years!

  • Luna Moonfang ZombiU is for me, and I believe for many more people out there, the true meaning of Survival Horror, so let this sequel come true!

  • Ryan Nielcen Loved ZombiU!

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    Eric Lugo

    2 weeks ago Comments: Zombie U is original, innovative, and simply an amazing game on an amazing platform. I understand Zombie U was released at launch and therefore did not receive the numbers that ubisoft desired but the Wii U is hitting is stride and Zombie U has an outstanding number of cult followers.
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