This petition is to remove Michael Jackson fans community twitter accounts, for being desrespectful towards Michael Jacksons own family. The two fan community twitter accounts are, MJJC and Justice4mj. I'm getting sick and tired of all these fans, from both twitter accounts, talking trash against Michael Jacksons family all the time. Enough is just enough, of these people who need to grow the hell up and leave Michael Jacksons family alone. These fans need to just let the Jackson family do what they say, or what they want in public. Instead of them harrassing, this poor family. The Jackson family, have nothing to do with going after Michael Jacksons money from his will. These so called fans claim, to be true fans of Michael Jackson, when they truely aren't. They are nothing but fake ass fans. Please help remove, these two twitter accounts, at these twitter links.



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    david montgomery, United States

    3 years ago Comments: i agree to signing the petition as well, and that these fans should be let go from twitter.
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    STEPHANIE TURNER, United States

    3 years ago Comments: Yeah you can tell those fans from both of the community are fake as well. If they were real, they would of had alot of respect for the Jacksons instead of putting hate on them. All they care about is MJ and his kids. They are like over protecting of those kids, while the truth is they aren't babies anymore, and they are growing up so fast. So the fans need to grow up, and face the reality that MJ's kids, don't need to be babied anymore by them. Please remove their twitter accounts though.
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    joey, United States

    3 years ago Comments: What the heck, why in the hell would these dumb fans call out mj's familty. Let me guess, they are so jeolous the family are rich, they sure do work their not lazy as those community fans claim to say. I say get rid of those creeps off twitter also. They make me want to rant, because of their hate on the Jackson family.
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