Make Code Geass R3

A message to Sunrise- Please make Code Geass R3. We loved R1 and R2 so much and can't wait for the next installment. We hope that by petitioning you will see how popular and successful the new series will be. We are all massive fans and will support R3 in whatever way necessary to bring it about.


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    2 weeks ago Comments: YES!
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    3 weeks ago Comments: it was a beautiful ending but there should be another war so the mastermind Lelouch comes back to save the future´╗┐
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    3 weeks ago Comments: ....It was an awesome anime and i just want more thats all.!!
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  • Thanks to everyone who's signed. Keep sharing. I will be going to Comicon next month here in the UK...not sure which Code Geass character yet...but rest assured I will be taking the #MakeCodeGeassR3 Campaign with me to rally support!
  • A representative of Sunrise commented on one of my petition links that there is a R3 and it's Akito the Exiled. Now, whilst I totally think Akito is cool, it's definitely not a sequel as it takes place during the war against Brittania. More like Code Geass R1.5! I imagine R3 would show the immortal realm, show what happened to Lelouch and C.C and how they have now to face a battle in this otherworld and have to call on mortal friends i.e Suzaku and Nunnally to help defeat an otherworldly foe....hell yeah! R3!
  • Thanks to everyone who has signed so far. Now we've got this petition off the ground...please share through social media: I believe we can make this happen but we need to spread the word in every direction.
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