Recast the Pokemon dub voice actors

To The Pokemon Company International,

As Pokemon fans, we are the people who watch your show, buy your products, and support your business. In 2006, you made a decision to close business with 4Kids Entertainment; the company responsible for producing the Pokemon tv series English dub. As an unfortunate effect of that, the voice actors on the show were replaced, leaving many fans disappointed and confused.

Since then, the current actors with DuArt Film & Video have worked hard to fill some very big shoes. Despite their efforts however, many fans still prefer the actors who worked with 4Kids. While a handful of them were recast for some minor roles, the three most prominent cast members; Veronica Taylor (Ash Ketchum & May), Eric Stuart (Brock & James), and Rachael Lillis (Misty & Jessie), have yet to make a starring or co-starring appearance.

These people have enjoyed the great privilege to work on the dub during its first eight successful years. They have shown continued passion for voice acting and are loved by many fans. Whatever the future holds for the show's production, story, and characters, we wish to show you our support for these talented actors. Please recast Veronica, Eric, and Rachael.


Save Our Voice Actors



  • Arthur Ch Veronica Taylor,Eric Stuart and Rachael Lillis were the heart of Pokemon as Ash and Team Rocket they deserve to return and replace the stale and boring voice cast we have now

  • Alyssa Brown The sad thing is that these, 'Sound a-likes' don't even actually sound like the originals to me. I can still tell a difference in the voices big time.

  • Austin Gilson I would love to see the old VA back. Hopefully it is still possible. The new voices are just...

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