Due to some overexaggerated reports of quote on quote "reckless behaviour", Police in the state parks within the "Battery" area of Manhattan are now enforcing a "No Parkour/Freerunning" rule, punishable by a 300$ fine. The Ban is affecting many tracuers (and traceuse) as spots to practice downtown, are becoming difficult to find. Practitioners have been training here, and all over the city, for nearly a decade now, and have had virtually zero reports of vandalism, property damage, or anti-social behavior. Putting a ban on something as harmless and benefitial as parkour is both unfair, and borederline unconstitutional, as these practitioners (quite successfully) make it a point to disturb no one, and preserve and respect the surroundings they train on and in via their "Leave No Trace" philosophy. We aren't hurting anyone or anything, and we should be allowed to continue doing so freely. By signing this petition, you are helping to support the eventual removal of the ban on PK, and the restoration of a free New York Thank you for your support -EXI PK FACTION



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    George L. Reyes jr aka. Georgieboy, United States

    3 years ago Comments: I am a 4 year veteran of the U.S. Army and 4 year parkour practitionar. I believe that it is our right to train in parkour and do as we wish just like people who jog all over the city. Joggers run the risk of being hit by cars and or mugged. They are not fined for their behavior and they run similar risk of injury. I believe that we are no different than any other fitness enthusiast, yet we are being limited to where we can train? This is the land of the free, atleast thats why I joined the Army. To keep this country safe and free for all!
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    Mike Rinehart, United States

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    PK, United States

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