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As described in my video, my parents decide to refuse my request for a new gaming rig for my birthday. The computer im on right now is outdated (shocking). Why? Because they decided to buy a Dell. A laptop too. For $1,400. And now they won't spend $800 on the one I want. So GG mom & dad. What'da think about THIS?



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    SiSeN, United States

    4 years ago Comments: I'm only signing this because I pity you. I really do. Boo-fricken-hoo, your parents bought you a really expensive computer, and now it's just a little behind on the times. You want an 800 dollar computer? Then go ahead and sell the outdated heap you have now, and front up some of the dough yourself, you whiny brat. Mommy and Daddy can't afford to buy you every single new little toy that pops out onto market, unless they're the goddamned government and can print their own money. There's a recession, so instead of bitching, do something useful.
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    Darfur War Orphan, United States

    4 years ago Comments: I agree. Before he was brutally slaughtered, my father bought a gun to protect us, and yet ignored our lack of food. He was later killed for his gun. My family still does not have any food.
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    Clay, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Lets get this going!

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