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Jeff Petkevicius, "Petro" an American by birth, desires to be on the United States Presidential ballot as a 2008 Independent candidate in every state. Unfortunately, Ballot access laws are unfair to common, working class, not wealthy, independents and minor party candidates. The current election system has been designed to practically eliminate people like myself, blue collar, regular folks, independents from having a reasonable chance to be included in the ballots of most states. Because of the complicated state by state paperwork filing requirements and fees, and the unrealistic signature requirements, even if I had a ton of money, it would be a miracle to make it on all the ballots....although with God, \"all things ae possible\", and I\'m standing on that promise for our campaign. Overcoming this reality will require the help of an organization whose purpose is to change the landscape of current Presidental elections with a network of nationwide volunteers. Unity08 has publicly declared their intention to be that organization. Jeff\'s goal is to be included in the online Primary to be conducted by the Unity08 organization in 2008. In order to change the face of Presidential elections and include a regular, blue collar, working guy like Jeff, and to support and motivate Unity08 to fight for this pure American value,we the undersigned hereby state to the Founders Counsel of the Unity08 organization, which is the governing body of that organization, and to any other interested parties, that we desire to see Jeff \"PETRO\" Petkevicius on the ballot for Unity08 first ever online primary election to be held in 2008. We also desire to see Jeff \"PETRO\" Petkevicius run as a candidate for President of the United States of America in the November 2008 general election, as is his right as an American citizen.


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