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Petitioning North Tyneside Council not to remove Rockcliffe Avenue's Planters

2 Signatures Goal: 2,000

Rockcliffe Avenue, Whitley Bay 


* Enhances the local area and community spirit 

 * We help the Bees 

 * We also now have numerous small birds (rather than just the Pigeons and Seagulls we had before), and wildlife such as Hedgehogs, a Common Hawk and Bats 
* It is considered to be a Wildlife Corridor 

 * Local Children have little nature walks and it is an education for them 

 * It has been instrumental in stopping anti-social behaviour 

 * It has been describe by North Tyneside In Bloom as an Oasis in Whitey Bay 

 * WE HAVE WON NTC's in Bloom Competition twice "Street and Community" category. 

There's some great news features online, search Google "Rockcliffe Avenue Bloom" 
Cheers Mike 

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