Petition to remove Washington DC as the seat of governance for the United States

We the undersigned citizens of the United States of America agree that Washington DC, with specific reference to the organized Senate, House of Representatives (legislative), Executive and Judicial branch of government has become dysfunctional, self serving, disloyal to the constitution that gave it birth and is no longer serving the will of the people in terms of their liberty and their collective sovereignty as a nation. We believe even our security as a free people to be threatened by near treasonous interactions with admitted enemies including financial and military aid to them and agreements to international treaties that conflict with our constitutional will, holding us submissive to the edicts of "world governing" bodies. We believe that our existing government has shirked fiscal responsibility to near if not irreparable levels and is collectively and unquestionably guilty of failure to uphold their oath of office as a governing body by, among other things, failing to pass and adhere to a fiscal budget for our nation as required by our constitution. We are aware of an apparent erosion of our first amendment rights wherein our right to peaceful petition has been denied in any area where "secret service" protection for officials is present, and that with the threat of felony charges.  We are aware of threats to remove or obstruct our second amendment rights and of the lack of representation pertinent to a host of bills and regulations now law and as we speak, becoming law in our nation - and becoming so at the behest of unelected officials with no congressional oversight. We are concerned for the preservation of our safety and privacy due to unchecked technological advances in surveillance, domestic military/law enforcement capability and clear laws regulating it. We are aware of the increasing division among us brought on by inflamatory and accusatory rhetoric from public officials. We disagree with the wide range of power the office of the president has accrued relative to executive order. We believe that our fiscal responsibility as a nation is urgent, demanding attention, and see a governance apparently unwilling to take even reasonable action to effect that responsibility. We are concerned for our nation and have a government that is not. There are many and specific grievances not listed here. In short we have a government that is either negligently or deliberately not on the job. For the lifestyle that our tax dollars afford these people - en-masse -  it is inconceivable to most of us that it is asking too much to expect them to accomplish the task of successfully keeping our government in order. As citizens and the ultimate holders of our own governance as gauranteed by our constitution we wish to rescind all governing power given the executive, legislative and judicial branches that now preside and form a new union, new governance and at a new center while upholding our constitution rather than dismantling it. This as opposed to state by state secession and in order to preserve a union of united states. As a unified body we have not failed! But the corrupt government that serves us has. We believe it has failed us, will continue to fail us and by the deteriorating effects of immoral, nonsensical corruption it endangers us. We believe there are definitive and irreconcilable differences that demand it's de-funding, dissolution and reestablishment. Washington is a lost cause. Please join me in my petition.


J. Raymond A concerned and fed up citizen.



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