Petition to release B from the unlawful captivity.

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We demand that you discharge the human being we commonly know as B (Ricardo; of the Hamilton family), who is currently being held captive as a legal persons (legal fiction) under the Section 2 of the Mental Health Act, which is being executed in violation of B's natural inalienable human rights (Absolute Rights). It is completely unlawful as B is a self governing body, who has disturbed no peace and has not injured any parties.

We have seen picture evidence of injuries inflicted during the abuse of process made by the Thames Valley Police on the day of Thursday 3 July 2014. The injuries are a clear indication of the vexation, ill wilt and frivolous actions used to cause actual bodily harm. This abuse of process resulted in B's immediate admittance into hospital by way of ambulance. He was not charged or placed in custody by police although the attempt was made. Thames Valley Police have used 3rd party information, based on bias and assumption to deem B a legal persons in attempt to make unjustified claims that B is mentally unstable.

We have known and seen B as a strong independent being naturally inspirational public figure. We have witnessed numerous moments in which he has displayed a very positive calming vibe. He is a helpful being, that actively participates in helping his neighbours and community in a variety of ways. He has been involved with many youth outreach programmes, such as Gem Training, Genesis, Bigga Fish, local festivals plus many more. B has also given guidance to many even throughout some experiences which many would consider devastating. He has still displayed a strong intellectual, ambitious way of Being. He has inspired many to a better way of life.

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We, the undersigned, are concerned family, friends, both local and general citizens who urge, whom it may concern to act now by immediately discharging B (Ricardo; of the Hamilton family) from the Section 2 of the mental health act. We further demand that you abandon all claims of rights to isolate B (Ricardo; of the Hamilton Family) against his and our lawful will.


  • Ian Reeves Ricardo is a good person release him from this unfair situation

  • Charles Sad to read...Free Ricardo

  • samar battikh let him free! he is the greatest person I know and we need him out...hes done nothing but help the world!

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