Petition to Planning Commission RE: Proposed Santaluz Assisted Living Project - Project No. 257983, 14740 Via Fiesta

We, the undersigned residents of Santaluz, Verrazzano, Mirasol and other neighborhoods in Black Mountain Ranch, have significant concerns regarding the compatibility of the 71,584-square foot, 74-bed nursing facility (the “Project”) proposed for the middle of our communities. With only a few exceptions, the undersigned have learned of the proposal on or about January 8, 2013, when some of us received the City’s Notice of the Planning Commission hearing. The staff report indicates that the community supports the Project, but the Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board does not represent our communities. Black Mountain Ranch is its own Community Planning Area, and should have its own Planning Board rather than being an after-thought with one seat (usually unfilled) on the Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board. Our concerns include the following: 1. Traffic: o The Project’s traffic engineer, KOA Corporation, confirms that the Project will generate almost 300% more traffic than would the uses now planned for the two parcels (recreation center and senior center): 222 trips per day vs. 80 trips per day. Yet traffic impacts are not addressed at all in the Addendum to the EIR, despite the fact that traffic gridlock currently occurs on Via Fiesta at drop-off and pick-up times at the adjacent Montessori school and elementary school. o 24/7 operation and staffing will generate traffic during all hours of the day and night, including from emergency vehicles. o The 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. shift will end just as the adjacent 700-student elementary school and presently expanding adjacent Montessori school will be letting out, and at the time on Friday when the principal weekly service at the adjacent Moslem Community Center ends, all served by Via Fiesta and Camino del Sur. The Addendum to the EIR does not address this. 2. Safety: Increased traffic will create safety hazards for children walking to school. 3. Noise: o Noise from 24/7 traffic and from emergency vehicles responding to calls from the Project are not addressed in the Addendum to the EIR. 4. Security: How the facility will deal with “roamers” who escape the facility is not addressed in the Addendum to the EIR. The community is concerned about security impacts to residences and pre-school and school-aged children at the immediately adjacent educational facilities. 5. Scale and Height: The Project seeks a variance from the 30-foot height limit. It also uses every permissible square foot of buildable area on the large lot. As such, the Project is not compatible with the surrounding single-family residential scale of development. These matters are not addressed in the Addendum to the EIR. 6. Experience of the Operator: The applicant is the landowner, not the entity which will own and operate the Project, yet the landowner has refused to provide the name of the party who will purchase the property if the pending entitlements are approved. In view of these concerns, and the fact that we have only just learned of the Project, we respectfully request that the Planning Commission continue its hearing on the Project for 30 days, OR vote to recommend to the City Council that it DENY the requested Community Plan Amendment, Conditional Use Permit, and Planned Development Permit, and that it not certify the Addendum to the EIR for Black Mountain Ranch.


Below are the links to the Planning Commission report and the Santa Luz Assisted Living CEQA document.



Planning Commission Report:



Addendum to EIR 95-0173:


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