Petition to Pope Francis to Test the Shroud of Turin

After scientific techniques and technologies have been developed and perfected at the atomic and molecular levels, we request that Pope Francis allow such minimally-invasive testing to be performed on the Shroud of Turin.

Since 1978, thousands of scientific tests and experiments have been performed on this famous burial cloth and its samples. Significantly, only one of these results - its medieval radiocarbon dating - is inconsistent with the Shroud’s authenticity as Jesus’ burial garment. Scientific techniques and technologies could be developed and perfected to test the Shroud at the molecular and atomic levels. Examining the cloth, its blood marks and other samples at these levels could not only prove that the radiocarbon dating attributed to the Shroud is inherently incorrect, but that an unprecedented event happened to the dead body of the crucified man wrapped inside of this burial cloth.

If atomic and molecular testing can be developed and perfected with control samples and linen cloths, we respectfully request that Pope Francis allow these new tests on the Shroud of Turin. These tests would not be limited to, but would include the new technologies summarized above and described in more detail in the book Test the Shroud and in articles throughout the website. These new tests would yield the most detailed information ever acquired from the cloth, while testing every explanation for the Shroud’s radiocarbon dating and image forming hypotheses that have been proposed.

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  • Eric Bergmann Pope Francis: Please allow this testing of the Shroud as further proof of Christ's Resurrection.

  • Antonio Di Lascio Ad majorem Dei gloriam :)

  • Dr. Joseph & Suzanne Blaes Your Holiness, Please allow the testing of the Shroud as evidence of the great miracle of Christ's Resurrection after His death,

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  • The Shroud of Turin is on public display from April 19 to June 24, 2015.