Petition Governor Pat McCrory to opt-out of Common Core state education standards

Common Core is a progressive program that will dumb down our kids by chipping away at academic excellence in the name of fairness, diversity and social justice. It is nothing more than a federal takeover of school curriculum and standards across the country. Common Core’s standards undermine local control of education by forcing us to use their progressive curricular materials and forces untested, mediocre and incoherent theories on America’s schoolchildren. Governor McCrory, please take a long hard look and this program and get North Carolina out of it.


  • Annette Creeson This should have never been allowed in our state to begin with. Pay back the bribe you were given and get rid of Common Core now!

  • Kim Fink This needs to go for fundamental reasons, as well as specific standard issues. Fundamentally, these standards are illegal per 3 federal laws prohibiting the Federal Government to intrude education. We should not have to point out the flaws of the standards themselves, it should be enough that it is illegal! It should be enough that it is copyrighted! It should be enough that no one is accountable for it. It should be enough that parents rights are stripped through the changes in the Family Education Protection Act...I don'[t get it, people Stand up[ for you kids for your state and for the constitution and laws of our country!!!! Getting arrested for breaking a 2 minute speaking rule, If we don't TAK now, we may forever lose that right.

  • Lynne Taylor First: Common Core Standards are illegal..they violate the U.S. Constitution. How? Federal mandates from Race to the Top funding forced states into Common Core Standards. CCS violates at least 2 other Educational Statutes.
    Second: Not field testing before rolled out in the classrooms or in teacher training!
    Third: Teachers are being held prisoner! They are told not to speak out!
    Fourth: Standards, curriculum are NOT U.S. based, but UNESCO based! How is this best for NC?!
    Fifth: One size fits all education works on monkeys, dolphins & rodents..not our children!
    Sixth: Tax payers will end up footing the bill for testing!
    Seventh: Data mining is part & parcel of the Race to the Top Funding mandates!
    Eighth: Too much conflict of interest in the NC government!
    Ninth: Parent/local school voices are silenced or rejected!
    Tenth: Inappropriate curriculum for our children..provided by Planned Parenthood, as well as others special interests!
    *End Public Private Partnerships that cater to their bottom line profit in the schools!
    * Get Common Core Standards out of the NC State Statutes..EVERY school, public, private, preschool, elementary, high school, post secondary are aligned with CCS or are preparing to..anywhere RttT funding is, CCS is also. Private homeschools are being impacting by CCS via virtual classes, dual enrollment and testing.
    **Too much assessment testing, thanks to CCS..end it!
    **End the spin on why teachers are leaving the classrooms..CCS is the unspoken reason.
    *Citizens were denied the right to CHOOSE before the CCS was written into NC law..correct it & honor the NC Constitution, the US Constitution & protect our children!

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    Terry Suchodolski

    2 weeks ago Comments: -
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    Richard Renck

    2 months ago Comments: Get rid of Common Core. A committee was set up without funding, data is collected every week on every student in a system that doesn't work, home schooling is growing, angry parents, kids begging to be home schooled, Enough of unconstitutional education. Get our kids out of this now!
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    John Withers

    2 months ago Comments: I have boys who are in 3rd and 6th grades. They are very bright boys, not geniuses, just intelligent boys. Both are struggling with this Common Core nonsense. Think about this: we put men on the moon and achieved other great and wonderful scientific and technological advances -- all without Common Core. Let's abolish this monstrosity before it ruins a whole generation of our kids.
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