Repair The Bugs On PES2008

Pro Evolution Soccer has been enjoyed by thousands of fans all over the world offline and online. This latest addition named PES2008 has been an absolute disgrace to the series, and have shown that these bigwigs do not listen and do not believe that our views are important. Over the weeks there has been speculation of a patch that would repair the online bugs that affect gameplay to the point of a match being unplayable. But there is also concern for the way the game plays offline when using a normal television set, did these bigwigs realise that not all people are able to purchase a HD tv. The commentators are annoying to the point thhat i personally had to change the language of the commentators to Spanish. The referees decisions can be unrealistic and pathetic. Why havnt we got 2v2 capabilities, surely that was one of the best things on Pro Evo. Ok this petitition is to clarify that we will boycott PES2008 if the problems persist are not fixed by the end of the year, we are also in search for answers and support from Konami, we want Konami to come to us and give us basic customer service. It annoys me that if we were to purchase a washing machine and the machine broke down after 2 weeks then we are entitled to a full refund. We have paid alot of money for our copies of PES2008 and the game is broken, do we take the game to gamestation and get ourselves FIFA08. WE NEED TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE QUICKLY, EFFECTIVELY AND WE NEED TO SHOW KONAMI THAT WE WILL NOT LIE DOWN.



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    Joakim B, Malta

    7 years ago Comments: I loved ro play PES6 on Xbox live. Thats why I bought PES2008, to keep playing live.....not go back to 2005 when I used to play PES5 offline. Maaaan, I used stepped back 3 years in evolution. And when I do try online play, cause I just want it to work...I just feeling like throwing the game out the window. CRAP!
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    Hajrudin Coralic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    7 years ago Comments: The game is too bad... Players are running not on the grass, like in the air, again... licence for teams... too many bugs...
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    Eleftherios Giapitzakis, Greece

    7 years ago
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