It’s Time to Hold Pepco Accountable!


We, the undersigned citizens of Maryland and the District of Columbia, are fed up with Pepco’s unreliable power system, its poor customer service and its never-ending series of excuses. We present the following set of demands to the company, its regulators and all elected officials with authority over Pepco.

1. Pepco’s outage record and customer service are intolerable.

2. Legislative and regulatory bodies in the District and in Maryland should establish performance standards for electric utilities and fine those who fail to meet them, including Pepco.

3. Pepco should not receive a rate hike until it improves its service.

4. Pepco’s CEO currently has a guarantee from the company that his salary can never be cut and any salary increases he is granted can never be revoked. That is an outrage. Instead, his salary should be tied to electric power reliability.

5. Finally, Maryland and the District should explore the feasibility of alternative power providers to Pepco.

This petition will be sent to Pepco Holdings Inc., the D.C. Public Service Commission and the Maryland Public Service Commission (both of whom regulate Pepco and would benefit from your input).


Hans Riemer, At-large Member Montgomery County Council


Our Website.


Pepco's Shocking Profits.


Washington Post article on Pepco’s outage record.


Washington Post article on Pepco's financial record.


Pepco Holdings Inc. annual financial report, 2009.  This report details the company’s $1.5 billion in after-tax profits over the prior five years.


Pepco proxy statement, 2009.  This report details the executives’ millions of dollars in compensation, perks, multiple pensions and severance payments.


Pepco CEO’s employment agreement, 2008.  This agreement details how the CEO’s salary can never be cut, and how increases to his salary can never be revoked.


  • mike sher Bought DP&L (pepco) years ago. Was told to buy and when retired the dividends would pay bill.

    How many shares of exelon will we get (w/ buy of Pepco POM) deal ?

  • Anonymous Bought DP&L (pepco) years ago. Was told to buy and when retired the dividends would pay bill.

    How many shares of exelon will we get (w/ buy of Pepco POM) ?

  • Anonymous It's a disgrace what the PSC has let PEPCO get away with. Billing us a surcharge on the days they couldn't sell us power because of outages?! How absurd. I've already been forced to move out of my house twice because of power outages. My cousin in NY heard about our year round outages, and exclaimed, "It's like you are living in Baghdad!" Gee, comparing life in the capital of the USA to life in the war torn Middle East. I wouldn't say that is a good sign.

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    Rachel Martin, United States

    12 months ago Comments: My roommate and I are currently working with the Public Services Commission to seek relief from Pepco. When we received our first bill, it seemed high, and the second was even higher. We called Pepco to request a meter reading, and they absolutely refused, claiming their remote meter monitoring was infallible. We checked with the neighbors and our families, all of whom confirmed that our bill was unreasonably high, but Pepco has refused to help us, even after a commercial electrician inspected the apartment and told us that a faulty meter was the only thing that could cause a bill this high.
    City and State: Rockville, MD
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    smashing top seo, Russian Federation

    1 year ago Comments: IV5GGS Major thanks for the blog.Much thanks again. Much obliged.
    City and State: USA
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    Shine Lotus, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Pepco service is horrible all the time and as long as 4 and 5 (monopoly) are in place, I won't expect it to improve!
    City and State: Potomac, MD
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