Penn Staters Against A Downtown Paterno Statue

We, Penn Staters, including students, alumni, faculty, staff, football fans and members of the State College community, oppose the placement of a Joe Paterno statue in Downtown State College.

We believe that it's appropriate to remember and appreciate the many contributions Joe Paterno made to Penn State and the broader community in his roles as a football coach, educator and philanthropist without the presence of a statue in downtown State College.

We believe that honoring Paterno for all the good he did in his life and career is a personal issue, not one that an entire community should be implicitly included in by the presence of a statue.

We believe such a statue is likely to be a lightning rod for controversy and possible vandalism.

We also believe a statue sends a wrong and inaccurate message to the rest of the country about this community's priorities, especially as the decision to place the statue in a prominent public space is based on the opinions and means of a relatively small number of people.

The Paterno name rightly remains prominent in many public ways in this community, from the Paterno Library to Peachy Paterno ice cream to tee-shirts and bumper stickers seen around the town. However, we believe that Joe Paterno himself would see such a statue as an unnecessary. This was a coach who kept the names off his team's jerseys for decades as a symbol of elevating the team over the individual. How is glorifying his individual likeness in keeping with that tradition? We don't pretend to speak for the Paterno family, but we believe Joe wouldn't want this, either.

Thank you for your support.


  • claude kirshner Wow...thirty six signatures in two days. You should reach your goal in about two months. Meanwhile a Facebook page supporting the return of Paterno's statue has over ten thousand likes.

  • Peter Robson You do not speak for all Penn Staters, not students, alumni, faculty, staff, football fans nor members of the State College community. You are a minority.

  • Jon Gordon Uh, Peter, are you having difficulty with your math today? Ten thousand minus 42 equals one heck of a difference. YOU are in the minority. Joe will be honored by this gesture, one made by the community, and by the reversal of all sanctions levied against Penn State. Also, his original statue will also be returned to those of us who deserve it, the true fans and very powerful majority of students, faculty, staff football fans and members of the State College community. And, while we are at it, we are going to put the NCAA out to pasture. It's over for them. And yes, we do care about the children, so please don't pull out the tired argument that we don't.

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