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PLEASE SAVE THE PENDER POOL MURAL Pender Harbour Aquatic Society Board has approved the destruction of the beautiful undersea mural at the Pender Harbour Aquatic Centre.  The plan is to grind the mural off the wall and replace it with an approximately 8' high wall of white tiles with one row of tiles decorated by children.  Reasons sited are that the mural requires constant maintenance and does not fit with the architect's design for the $1.2 million renovation/renewal project currently underway. Ken Walters and Emily Gray created this mural just 5 years ago. Flaking paint was an issue soon after the mural was created. Fixing the drainage and paving the adjacent parking lot has since resolved this problem. 97% of the mural is still in great shape. Ken Walters has offered to continue to VOLUNTARILY touch-up the mural whenever required. He also has suggested applying some new improved sealants that did not exist when the mural was created.
 Neither Ken nor Emily were suitably engaged in the decision making process. The artists were only recently apprised of the outcome. They do not expect the mural to remain in perpetuity but would like to come to an agreement with the PH Aquatic Society Board for a reasonable duration that would respect the significant amount of work and passion invested, and the opinion of the public.   
The pool renewal project is being paid for by area ‘A’ taxpayer’s money and they deserve a voice. Please sign the petition.   Please send letters of support to The publics opinion matters, we need signatures of support for keeping this beautiful mural intact!! With enough public support we could sway the boards decision to remove it. Also go to and search for the group, "SAVE THE PENDER HARBOUR MURAL!!" 


Residents of Pender Harbour and Egmont


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    5 years ago Full Name: Krystal Meilleur
    Comments: Art is Art if they take it down their defacing the artist, themselvesand their community.
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    5 years ago Full Name: desiree de la canal
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    5 years ago Full Name: Brooke Nattall
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