PAX East Attendees Demanding Enforcement of the PAX "No Booth Babe" Policy

PAX was created as a con for gamers, by gamers. It was meant to be an inclusive place where all gamers would feel comfortable and have a good time. While game company presence has always been part of PAX (gamers love demos of unreleased games, after all!), we were always told that PAX was not supposed to be another E3. A major part of creating the desired atmosphere is PAX' "no booth babes" policy. The gamers of PAX were surveyed, and by a large margin decided that "booth babes" were not something they wanted to see at PAX events. Their presences creates an environment that excludes all but the one particular type of gamer, a minority of PAX attendees by the results of the survey, who enjoy seeing women paid to prance around as walking advertisements that have nothing to do with the games being promoted. For the most part, the game companies attending PAX have honored this policy, much to their credit. However, we the undersigned feel that 2K Games, with their Duke Nukem booth, have flagrantly violated the spirit of the PAX "no booth babes" policy, regardless of the official statement by PAX organizers that the exhibitors there satisfy the letter of that policy. In short, we the undersigned feel that if PAX exhibitor policies allow exhibitors to set up booths like the DNF booth, then those exhibitor policies must be revised to be more restrictive. In particular, we request that PAX organizers in the future err on the side of caution when judging what is and is not a "booth babe". Despite the official judgment that the DNF babes met the policy, that there we're enough complaints to necessitate an official response indicates that many PAX attendees disagree with that judgment, and ultimately it's the opinion of the attendees that matters.


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    oem software, Ukraine

    3 years ago Comments: a4ximT Yeah, it is clear now !... From the very beginning I did not understand where was the connection with the title !!...
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    John, United States

    4 years ago Comments: As a male and a consumer, I am insulted by the idea of "booth babes". I would like to think I am smart enough to not have my opinion swayed on any given product by the lack of clothing on the models a company has hired to stand around their booth. It would be nice if game developers respected me enough to know that that trash wouldn't influence how I felt about their product. Walking around PAX this weekend, I saw many families with young children. It was a refreshing sight. I wish when I was young my parents showed interest in my hobby of videogames. As a community I think we should do everything to support families like this that will raise responsible gamers (not the brats on xbox live that fill our headsets with homophobic and racist comments any time we try and play call of duty online). Having half naked girls parading around the show floor will surely make families like this not comfortable attending these events. We all love playing videogames and I am sure everyone at one time or another has felt uncomfortable telling someone that they love video games as much as they do. Part of that is because there is such a juvenile connotation to video games for a lot of people. Well the only way we can shed that misconception is to grow up as an industry. Enough with the booth babes, please.
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    Sara G, United States

    4 years ago Comments: -
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