ABC - Please help Pastor Jerry Crick & his family!

THE MAN Two years ago Jerry Crick, an influential minister of a small church in Denver, began struggling with his health. He worked with Hurricane Katrina victims when they arrived in Denver, organizing housing, clothing and other necessities. He served as the area director for the National Day Of Prayer, working with local churches and politicians. He was active in many local ministries, and also worked overseas. His family personally sponsored refugees from Vietnam, Ethiopia and Romania. Whether buying sacks of groceries for a single mother or helping a homeless guy living in his truck, Jerry has always been a servant. HIS CONDITION Test results have ruled out life-certain threatening conditions, like cancer and tumors, as well as chronic diseases like auto immune dysfunction. Over the past two years he has had the same tests repeated, with the same results. The diagnosis has been determined: chemical toxicity. This condition was brought on by years of exposure to photographic chemicals, a methane poisoning instance in his twenties, several other toxic exposures, and it was aggravated by dental work that was leaching infections into his system through his mouth! The dental work was repaired and he had progressed to where he could drive again, when an additional toxic load hit him. THE STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMEL\'S BACK This winter the Crick family\'s furnace started emitting carbon monoxide - a silent killer. Pastor Crick was exposed the most of all the family members, being already weakened and house bound. The additional toxic load not only erased his progress, it made his condition much worse and almost took his life! THE OUTLOOK The toxins may have caused permanent damage, resulting in Parkinson\'s type symptoms. The toxins are stored in tissues, such as liver, kidney and brain, where they reside, quietly destructive until the damage accumulates to the point where symptoms manifest. Mrs. Crick has managed to keep Pastor Crick alive by using Alternative Medical Procedures, working with a doctor in Evergreen, Colorado. The doctor here collaborates with a specialist in LA who is an expert in toxicity. Long term treatment is required to address the problem, which produces extreme physical pain, weakness, and mental and emotional challenges. THE PRESENT After struggling for two years, the Crick family is now in a bad spot. Pastor Crick\'s severance pay has run out. By this spring, Mrs. Crick had to make a choice - pay the mortgage, or keep Pastor Crick on his medications. She chose the medications, of course! Now, Jerry is still struggling, and their family home is in foreclosure. It will go to auction in mid-September. THE FUTURE Local friends and the Denver church community have stepped up in an effort to bring Extreme Makeover, Home Edition to help the Crick family save their home. KRKS, a Christian Talk Radio station in Denver is backing the family, but they need your help. By simply signing this petition you can invite Extreme Makeover to the Crick family and help save their home, providing a glimmer of hope in a grim situation.



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    Heidi Arturi, United States

    5 years ago Comments: I hope and pray that this family gets there makeover for there home. i work at a church helping the older people give out food and clothing for the homeless. I have a petition online here with extreme makeover to. Its called A prayer and hope for the Allen family with Abc Extreme makeover home edition. I will pray for your family and god bless you.
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    Rev. Dr. Margaret Jamal, United States

    7 years ago Comments: We have not seen Jerry for almost seven years. But I saw his name while searching for another mutual friend. Jerry Crick is by far one of the most selfless men we have ever met. He and his family welcomed us into their home and demonstrated his profound sense of love. While we were away from our loved ones, Pastor Jerry treated us as family. He truly made us feel that our differences in racial and even religious practices would not separate us from his genuine love. We will gladly help in any way. Our prayers with the family.
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    Dallas Low, United States

    7 years ago
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