Paris Hilton should do her 45 days in jail.

It has been brough to my attention that Pairs Hilton's lawyer is trying to get her out of her 45 day jail term. I think that would set a dangerous president for future DUI and probation violations. I also believe that if any regular person like you or myself had committed this crime we would be sent to jail and no fancy lawyer would write a petition to the governor. She is not a role model and has not contributed to society in any positive way. She should go to jail like a good little criminal and get over it. If you agree with me please sign below.


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    brooke, United States

    8 years ago
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    Deric Borchardt, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Paris Hilton is a worthless, vile hussy and should get a real job or leave the effing country. I am so sick of seeing her blasted everywhere like she has anything worthwhile to contribute to society or humankind in general. "That's hot" doesn't count for f--k all.
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    Jamie Borchardt, United States

    8 years ago Comments: The fact that she referred to her DUI as "no big deal" is infuriating. Had she been drunk and crashed into a family's car and injured, or god forbid, killed them, would that be no big deal to her also Probably so. She also has said that someone of her stature shouldn't have to serve jail time. I think she is the perfect candidate to make an example of. She is an habitual drinker and drugger and this is not the type of behavior that needs to be demonstrated for our youth who think she's absolutely wonderful (they are the only ones). Just because you're blonde, anorexic, and starred in the most ghetto porn film ever doesn't exempt you from the rules of the world. Personally, I think she needs a horrid assbeating from Shannon Dougherty.
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