Should Paris Hilton be released

Should Paris Hilton be released Should she serve her sentence to 23 days


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    jo, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I total agree with Micheal H, on, i think the million dollar deal is redictuliouse, and she acts ungratefull for what she has. I think no matter who you are, if you break a law you should have to pay for it and not get " special " treatment because you'r a celeb or rich. It should never matter if you are rich or a celeb, if you break a law pay for it. Paris needs to grow up, she is 25 now and acts like a little kid the way she whines about almost everything.
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    Jessica, Canada

    8 years ago Comments: keep her in jail
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    megan, United States

    8 years ago Comments: paris shouldn't go on house arrest. the only reason that she got off so easy is bc she's rich and famous. they wouldn' t have done that to a regular person. it's not fair
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