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We had my hubands daughter finally who came to live with us,we thought she would be happier and enjoy being with our family since she told us how unbearable it was living with her mother. But after a while she started doing what she did with her mum, wagging , lying , wanting to date a 18 man at 14 yrs old. Didn\'t like our rules which were to meet her friends and parents , keep room clean and do well at school. We did family meetings once a week so we could talk with her but she never communicated.2weeks ago she left staying with a 3 party who were meant to be our friends instead of them saying go home your parents love you, they have supported her and are letting her stay. Now they have put in a claim for maintenance! How is this right, our kids dont want our rules or our support , but they want our finacially support, (but stuff you for all your encouragment mum & dad ) through the years.... It\'s not right that the kids have all these options and other people who interfere thinking they are helping but ( fine for the kids who are in danger ) but we have done nothing but fight for the past 13 yrs for her to be with us, but now we are the bad ones. The whole teenage rights needs to be overviewed, parents who do nothing but the right thing dont have a leg to stand on. The kids just go from one home to another not caring about the other children , and then land somewhere else because they dont like discipline. Help sign this where we might have a voice and get back some control over our children.


just a concerned step parent and parent.


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    edward price, Australia

    7 years ago Comments: the goverment should take a very good look at childsupport laws and put people incharge who have been through a separation and who have had to pay for their children and try to live on whats left. also they should give back the parents rights in how they bring up their children so they don,t run off at 15 years of age.
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    7 years ago
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    melissa davies, Australia

    7 years ago Comments: you and ed have my support 100%
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