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Frustration! This is, as a parent what I am feeling! I fought an incident involving my child, I would not let it go because I know the signs all to well and if ignored other unfortunate incidents might occur. Everyone at the top makes the statements we know, we are sure or we don't think so. Tell that to the families of Virginia Tech, and all the other schools that did not read between the lines. Our children deserve the same feeling of comfort and protection by the people assigned to protect and teach them. I make it very clear that I know teachers, I can name off, some I don't personally even know who every time I see them, a flock of children are around them and the children say I wish they could teach all my classes, children and parents fight to get them in their classes. Then there are those who all I see are children and parents fighting to get out. We live in a democracy that is set up so no one entity doesn't have complete power, yet our schools act as if they do by disregarding the constituents requests over and over. I watched America on election night show how much they want change when they elected the president. Change is what we need and change is what I will pursue. Our children should have the choice of good quality teachers. And good teachers deserve to have excellent partners next to them so frustration levels are low. We have so much anger in this generation, but I know change is possible and history can be made! We can do it, if we unite! Culpeper is high on the teen suicide list; children are feeling hopeless and giving up. We have children expelled hanging out on the streets with no hope, feeling the only thing left is to steel or sell. We are lacking in funds which is costing more and more to be taken away. Things like quality teachers who love the job and feel the children are worth it. Better care for our special needs. The list goes on and on. We need change and if you are in agreement then please join Parents in Action and sign our petition and let us unite and show our elected officials yes, we do care! Sincerely, Yolonda M. Deane President/Founder


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