2009 P.A.S. Master's Hall of Fame Induction's

We would like to compile a list of people most "willfully facilitating," and/or "grossly negligent in knowing acquiescence" and/or the like, responsible for allowing and causing Parental Alienation in our Country. We would then like to make this list public, and Introduce a Bill in Congress to have those Violator's, that encourage interference with any Child's Civil Right to have a relationship with both parents removed from Public Office, disbarred from The Practice of Law, and fired from any position they might hold with The State, or Federal Government. There is simply no amount of court induced fraud for money that should be tolerated by our United States Government. We are supposed to be a leader in Human Right's. How low can we continue to sink as a Nation just to supply rouge Court's with money


The sponsor is a man that made the mistake of Marrying an immature women, who he put though college for 2 BA's, a Master's, and PHD in Infant Behavior. She has recently put our son into a Psyche ward because he would not go to court and say bad things about his dad. She has also brainwashed the daughter into thinking she will be put into The Psyche Ward, also, if she doesn't say bad things about dad on an In Court Video that the Miami-Dade Court System is trying to manufacture as evidence to stop communication with the dad and later give the mother Full-Custody. The activist Judges have pretended not to get responses from the father on time. Please forward your responses to richardlaroccajobmail@yahoo.com We will considering donations to file a Federal Law Suit against the Miami-Dade Courts to get our government to prevent these rouge courts from damaging children's live's in the future! The rights of parents to be parents must always be upheld! Irregardless of what one parent my think about the other and the techniques used by The State Employed Ex-Wife.


fathertime1 ireports cnn.com to see the more complete story!


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