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Myself, @codygermanotta (Twitter), would like to go to prom with any one of the members of the band Palaye Royale (Twitter: @PalayeRoyale). This band does so much for their fans and retweets almost every fan's tweet sent to them. I love how caring this band is, not to mention their great style and music. Palaye Royale is one of the most talented bands I have ever heard. I only hope that someday soon I will be able to hear them live and meet them. To have one of them as a prom date would be like a miracle for me. I tweeted them and this is what they responded (it includes my tweet):When and where? RT @codygermanotta: If anyone from @PalayeRoyale would like to go to prom with me, that would be totally amazing

Wow. To think that Palaye Royale is willing to go to prom with me? Amazing. I want to make sure they know I want to be serious about this. If you sign this petition and spread it around, the band may see it and actually go with me! Thanks to all who sign this and special thanks to @LeCorvalan for helping me make this petition!


  • Allie Ward Please! Sam is the best girl in the world with the best heart and personality I've ever met. If anyone deserves it, it's her.

  • Austin Sayer Sure I'll sign(:

  • Marina Franco I hope THEY ALL GO WITH YOU AND THEY JUST MAKE YOUR WHOLE LIFE. :3 crossing my fingers for you girl!

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