Please Recognize Paganism as a Religion

To Whom This May Concern: Paganism, like Christianity, covers many different denominations and should be considered a religion by the United States government. Paganism is defined by \"The American Heritage


Kristina Eslinger is a 32 year old housewife with 3 children who has been a practicing Pagan for 16 years.


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    Comments: I agree completely...not. I first thought that you were pretty in HS, but you got really ratty looking after awhile. You started getting greasy looking gel hair and maybe a little bulemic. There were signs of some screws loose. When you started talking about suicide being glamorous...I then knew to stay away from you. Damaged goods. Why couldn't you have been a normal girl?? I thought I liked you then but now I am glad I never asked you out. :(
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