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Dear Mr. Herrmann, We are requesting that you reexamine the lunch/recess schedule at Paddock. The current schedule of three 20 minute periods is not in the best interests of the students. Twenty minutes is not enough time to get into the cafeteria, go through the line, get to a seat, eat a meal, clean up, and exit. Many students do not finish their lunches and are rushed out of the cafeteria in order for the next group to come in. The last group of students have even less time (reportedly 10 minutes) due to the delay in getting into the cafeteria. The result is either the students do not get enough to eat and are still hungry through the rest of the day or, they are allowed to finish their lunches in their classrooms. Neither of these results is conducive to a positive learning environment. Please change the lunch/recess schedule for the 2009-2010 school year. Our recommendation is to have three 30 minute periods, so students have a 30 minute lunch and a 30 minute recess. Other schools in our district have this type of schedule. Thank you.


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    denise klieman, United States

    6 years ago Comments: Children are suffering and wasting money that could be better spent. Kids tell me all the time that they have to throw thier hot lunch away due to lack of time.
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    Carrie Van Horn, United States

    6 years ago
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    Manu Khare, United States

    6 years ago Comments: I have 2 kids in Paddock. My older child is in the 5th grade and has over time figured out how to eat really quick so she can get her lunch done. My younger child on the other hand is in first grade and on most days comes home so hungry he is ready to cry and almost always has barely eaten a bite of his lunch. This is not healthy for the kids and is definitely not conducive to a good learning environment.
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