Tracy Rosenberg Recall: KPFA listeners demand impartial oversight

To the Pacifica National Board, As KPFA listener-members, we demand you immediately delegate responsibility for running the recall vote on Pacifica treasurer Tracy Rosenberg to a neutral third party (such as the American Association of Arbitrators, or California State Mediation and Conciliation), and have the election conducted promptly. To maintain good faith with KPFA's listener-members, over 800 of whom have signed the recall petition against Rosenberg, Pacifica must avoid delaying the vote or manipulating the process to benefit its political allies. Even the appearance of such behavior will be detrimental to the station and the network.





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    Fatih, Australia

    2 years ago Comments: So looking at the furute and not to the past' means replacing young talent at the Morning Show with the ultimate in entrenched staff, Dennis Bernstein's Flashpoints. Sigh.Vendetta, plain and simple. Phillips and Core are just the hired hatchetpersons.
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    Pipin, Australia

    2 years ago Comments: I have great regard for you praerommgrs, but I don't want any funds spent on sending out ballots to fire Tracy Rosenberg.You know that KPFA is in a very weak financial position. Personnel decisions had to be made. Since you are union, seniority counts. I doubt if anyone is gleeful in selecting wonderful people to be laid off. I have been wondering for some time why no one at KPFA knows anything about conflict resolution. This division is not new and the longer it continues, the more it festers.Betsy
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    Luna, United Arab Emirates

    2 years ago Comments: I believe our capimagn has been mistaken, if I've been following matters correctly, in allowing for let's not air our dirty laundry in public as a way to proceed. We should be very clear that our side, which Tracy exemplifies, has promoted an environment that is open and honest, encouraging discussion and debate. This should have and should be with appropriate discussion forums like the old folio, not just or primarily on air back and forth. The passive relation of listeners to the station dominated by professionals who wrap themselves in the cloak of the workers is wrong. CWA has allowed themselves to be used as a cover for the those who see themselves as variously entitled, succumbing to ideology as frozen ideas, professionalism and careerism. To be resumed.
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