Outrider Gathering for the outriders in the UK.

First of All this is a Petition only for The Outriders of Games Workshop! well Guys and girls I finally found a way to make this petition in an easy and a good way. Well as we all now Martina works very hard for us, and she (and i know a lot of us to) would like to have a nice outrider gathering in the next year. so we could see all (i hope) of us together in the same place, and have one hell of a weekend. (at least we hope a weekend, and in Nothingham offcourse at GW HQ) to make this possible we need all outriders to sign this with there name and a good motivation why we should need and want this things like 1 its good to hear about what all other countries are doing 2 help eachother with giving tips for demonstrations and there are more things .. butt that\'s all up too all of you ! so guys and girls sign here please ! (and see you all soon) greetings emiel scheier (dutch outrider)


all the games workshop outriders




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    Jimmy Tisell, Sweden

    7 years ago Comments: To actually feel like a "team" it is my firmest belief that we need to meet up and share some experience. Being the only outrider in my area, I hardly know anyone else out there! It would be great to inspire and get inspired by my fellow outriders, and therefore I think this is a really important meeting. And beside that, it would be so awesomly fun it would be the weekend of a lifetime!
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    Anton Dahlqvist, Sweden

    7 years ago Comments: I think an Outrider meeting would be great, both as it would show us Outriders how other Outriders do their intro-gaming, giving us new ideas, and as it would give us a chance to meet more people like ourselves. (i. e. slaves to the hobby)
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    Sebastiaan Benders, Netherlands

    7 years ago Comments: I definitely see all sorts of great opportunities here: apart from meeting with each other and creating a tighter community, the experience in Great Britain at GW HQ would mean a lot to me and all the outriders. Having some first hand information of the various departments and things going on, will not only make us more enthousiastic, but will also offer us the opportunity to share our experiences with the more experieced players we meet in our 'work' as an outrider, by poviding them with a better image of GW. I think such a visit will also strengthen the commitment of outriders, so the outriders will stay active longer, sparing GW the effort of training new ones :) I would definitely look forward to something such as this outrider weekend in Nottingham! Cheers!!
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