Leave Boggy Peak Alone!

As many of you know, Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer has made a choice to rename Boggy Peak after USA President-elect Barack Obama. While this is a wonderful gesture towards the feat that Senator Obama accomplished when no one else could, there are several reasons why myself and I am sure many others feel that this decision was rash. 1) Senator Obama is Kenyan-American. If he was Antiguan-American, then the dedication would have been appropriate. If anyone should rename a national natural landmark after him, it should be his father's hometown in Kenya, or the USA, since the breakthrough was even better for black Americans than it was for black West Indians. Furthermore, Antigua has many pioneers and national heroes left to be honored. Why are they forgotten What will the youth learn about their forefathers if there is nothing to remind us of them, but there is an entire mountain re-named to honor a leader of another country 2)It was too premature. The election has just passed, and he has yet to be sworn in. Also he should have at least served a year or two in office before being gifted with a mountain. In other words, Senator Obama must prove to his people and the rest of the world that he is a great president, and therefore worthy of receiving such prestigious rewards. 3)Boggy peak is a national landmark. To simply up and re-name is after Sen. Obama is changing our history. When dealing with history, one should add to it, not take away. If anything, a better gift would be a street, or a highway, or a beach, since we have 365 beaches, and only about 50 at the most have been named. That leaves 315 beach at least without names. PM Spencer, why not take the time to observe our lovely beaches and choose one that you think will be great to represent your esteemed colleague and fellow future world leader These are not our reasons alone for being against it. Many of our fellow peers feel just as strongly, if not more so. If you are in agreement with us, please sign our petition. Renee Jarvis and Athina Monroe




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    buy oem software, Ukraine

    3 years ago Comments: EQvULr Can be also this issue because the truth can be achieved only in a dispute :D
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    Robert Turner, United States

    6 years ago Comments: I too feel that the people of antigua should have been consulted before this decision was finalized. There are many prominent antiguans and barbudans for whom the mountain could be named. The parents of sir arthur lewis(the first black person to win an academic nobel prize) are both antiguan and in fact sir arthur was quite young when his father died and so he was essentially raised as a single mother. What an honour that would be for an antiguan. How about an antiguan or barbudan who spent his or her entire life as a teacher or nurse or farmer or fisherman and have contributed enormously to the development of this country. Some of these unsung heroes for whom this mountain could be renamed include: Sir James Carlisle (First Native antiguan governor.) Prince Klass (Leader of slave revolt) Lifelong teacher Lifelong Nurse Lifelong Police officer Lifelong Civil servant Lifelong Farmer Lifelong Fisherman The idea is to name it after one of our ordinary citizens that has done extraordinary things in the development of antigua. I remember the teachers that spent their own money to purchase supplies for students when such supplies were not provided by the government. Teachers and nurses and other civil servants who continued to show up to work even when their pay was short or late or sometimes absent. If it has to be named after a non antiguan or barbudan, how about William Wilberforce, the man who spent 44 years of his life working tirelessly in the British parliment to end slavery in the British Empire and who died just 4 days before emancipation of slaves in the British empire. I know he is not black but I think we are past that now with the election of a black man to be president of the greatest nation on earth where the majority of the people who voted for him are actually white. All of this was made possible by the sacrifices made by many including many white people. Our prime minister has the potential to be a great leader eventhough he may have been a bit hasty in making this decision. It is not too late to change it. Even the best among us make mistakes every once in a while but we need to recognize and correct those mistakes and move on.
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    Garfield Bowman, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    6 years ago Comments: I am 100% in agreement with you guys. Let the Caribbean heroes be the ones to receive the praises and accolades of the Caribbean not an outsider
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