Do Not Redistrict Orchard Park Schools!

The purpose of this petition is to make it clear that the residents living in all neighborhoods within the Orchard Park Central School District are, at this time, VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED to any form of redistricting whatsoever. This unnecessary action is creating rifts among residents, dividing neighborhoods, and breaking bonds among our children--the very same bonds that brought many of us together in the first place. As residents, taxpayers, voters, parents, property owners, and all combinations of the above, we realize that we are not fully aligned on what the correct long-term solution is for the District. With that in mind, however, we do agree that: - The disruption and ill-will that these proposals have caused (and will continue to cause) throughout our community greatly outweigh the minimal perceived benefits of reducing average class size by less than one (1) student. - Left alone, average class size will be less than one (1) student more than the average class size of all New York State schools (based on 2000 data from the Public Policy Institute of New York State). - Based on the projections that have been used to predict class sizes going forward, the


This petition is sponsored by concerned citizens of Orchard Park.


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    jill humphrey, United States

    7 years ago
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    Concerned Parent of 4, United States

    7 years ago Comments: What is the down side to doing nothing now and abandoning all re-districting plans There would be none - the Board would be praised by the community and our children would continue to receive the top-notch Orchard Park School District education to which they have all become accustomed. It seems like a pretty easy decision.
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    Craig Swiech, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I have attended many of the meetings open for public comment. The conclusion that I have come to from this process is that is in the best interest of the children as well as the school district to not redistrict. In all of the plans that are being seriously considered the Camelot subdivision is being relocated to Windom Elementary. These children are going to larger class sizes and a longer bus ride in each scenario. I do not understand why this subdivision is getting the short end of the stick in all categories. It seems to go against the original mission statement. The Camelot subdivision only builds a few new houses each year so they are certainly not producing a large influx of children. Many of my immediate family members are involved in the career of education. In providing them with all of the facts that have been presented to us they all feel that the population numbers will be self correcting in a few years. Why create all of this upheaval for something that will not be a concern in a few years. I believe all of the schools in the Orchard Park SD are quality schools. My children having to attend a new school, while not preferred, is not my concern. I am concerned about a bus ride that will be considerably lengthened. I drove the route and even if there were no stops after picking up the children in Camelot, the ride is considerably longer. And that was in GOOD weather. I am very uncomfortable with my children being on the bus for lengthy trips in poor weather. Another major concern I have is why my children are leaving to be placed in classes that now are predicted to have a larger class size. My wife is an elementary education teacher and I am well aware of the importance of class size as well as the theories on bus rides. We are a suburban school district but we are not rural. There is no real reason to force children to be on buses for any longer than necessary. I believe the most responsible thing to do at this time is to NOT redistrict any of the elementary schools.
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