Opposition to Evolution in NGSS

We oppose the teaching of evolution in the science classrooms of Georgia public schools. As taxpayers funding the schools, we want teachings on origins put into an optional course in which students can discuss all viewpoints and make up their own minds. We want science taught in science classrooms. We want elected officials and leaders in education to know citizens do not support using the classroom to teach evolution. Please fill in the blanks at right and sign the petition.


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    Lillie Settles

    11 months ago Comments: -
    City in Georgia: Sun City,AZ.
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    Carla Schaadt

    12 months ago Comments: -
    City in Georgia: Hinesville
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    Robert Edwards, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Based on the definition of the word theory in the Encarta Dictionary that a theory is an idea of or belief about something arrived at through speculation or conjecture. If it is to be taught we should teach it for what it is a theory and only that. I believe that in the beginning it was God that created and that surely needs to be taught.
    City in Georgia: Tallapoosa
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