Should Lands of Legend be made Open-Source?

Lands of Legend is a rather simple game. It's available on byond, and pretty old. It really doesn't have a lot of content, either, even if it does have an interface ideal for immersion.

The major issue with it, though... Is that it really has no direction. The code is old and positively awful at this point, and the source itself is barely workable. There isn't much that can, in its current form, be done to it. To that end, and in order to ensure that anyone with a bit of knowledge and/or creative vision can work with it, I would like to propose it become open-source.

If it does? I could set to maintain it myself with anyone who wants to pitch in, or anyone really could do what they want with it. They could improve the code, refine it, make it playable, and make it workable-- Make it fun! To that end, I would appreciate you, specifically, signing.

By signing, you help us work to make it open-source, so that anyone may do what they wish from it. Yeah, it may not work out well, but it could, and there is no sense in not making an attempt.

- Nicholas


Decius: I'm learning C++, decent enough at BYOND, and I've a fair bit of experience in managing small teams/groups of people. Honestly? I love this game-- It was one that I used to play a lot, and I'd like to make it open-source at github, so that anyone can access it and do what they want.



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