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Help Change CAS laws in Ontario!! Currently in Ontario A child has to endure the following before CAS will intervene: 1.Severe injuries always require prompt medical attention, often on an emergency basis; e.g., long bone fractures, internal injuries such as through shaking; third degree (most severe) burns: brain or spinal cord injury; eye injury; deep wounds or punctures that could result in systemic infection. Ritualistic physical abuse is included in this section. 2. Excessive or Inappropriate Physical Force Used, Resulting in Moderately Serious Injury Moderately serious injuries are not life-threatening and are not likely to cause crippling, even in the absence of medical treatment. Examples are sprains, mild concussions, broken teeth, bruises all over body, cuts needing suture, minor (small bone) fractures, etc. 3. Excessive or Inappropriate Physical Force Used, Resulting in Superficial Injury Typical superficial injuries are bruises, welts, cuts, abrasions. Injuries are localized in one or two areas and involve no more than broken skin. STOP LETTING OUR CHILDREN BECOME A STATISTIC! NO WONDER SO MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE OUR SYSTEM HAS FAILED US!!! DONT BELIEVE ME CHECK ONLINE FOR YOURSELF! Once I have received 10,000 signatures It will be forwarded onto Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies! Lets change the laws so we PREVENT child abuse, not add to statistics!!


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    Dianne Stone, Canada

    1 year ago Comments: My spouse and I called FACS in regard to our concerns for our grandson who is only 2 1/2 years old. We have cared for him for most of his young life and I have kept notes since he was an infant as I believed we may need them in the future. His mother was assessed at functionally below her age level when she was in Elementary School. She is now 22 but acts more like a 15 year old. She has left Tanner in our care for 85 % of the time and all we expected her to buy were his diapers as I kept everything I would need for him in our home. I couldn't trust her to bring advil, baby wash, appropriate clothing, etc. After reminding her for 6 months to get her son a Health Card, I ended up having to bring him to my own family doctor as he was very ill. He could have charged me for the visit but he didn't however, he told me that I had to make it clear to the mother that she needed to get a health card as she was denying him his right to proper healthcare. He said that maybe the authorities should be involved and that he should call himself. I was worried that if Tanner was with his mother when FACS arrived, they might take him and put him in foster care and we would have to fight to get him. I couldn't bear the thought so I promised him that I would call myself. It has been a nightmare. After coming to meet me, the worker stated that she was not comfortable with the boy being left in his mother's care and asked if we could take care of him. The following day she called to tell us she had met with the mother and that she and her boyfriend were coming to pick up our grandson. After calling the worker numerous times with my concerns, she called me on a Monday to give me a "heads up" as if was possible we would be getting our grandson that daybut not to count on it. If not that day, it would most certainly be over the next few days. The following day she came to meet with my spouse who is our grandson's Poppa by blood. The worker stated that she had some issues to discuss with us however, most were stories that my spouse's daughter had made up. The worker then said she would keep us posted. I called on the Thursday and left a message,,,then Friday - but she didn't return my calls. On Monday I called again and her voice mail said that she was doing administrative work all week. I called on Tuesday and asked to speak to another worker and I explained the situation to her, especially that we had sat at home for 7 days now...afraid to leave the house in case we missed the call that the worker was bringing out grandson to us. This other worker put me on hold then came back on to say that the worker is out on an be patient and she would call me. Within an hour she called me and I had to ask her what was going on with Tanner. She stated that they had met with the legal team and they didn't have "quite enough" to take him from his mother. Although the mother is very self-centered, immature, and irresponsible she is also negligent and is putting that child at risk on a daily basis. She doesn't do drugs or drink but she has a violent temper. She is living with her boyfriend's family in a small 3 bedroom apartment with the mother in one bedroom, the sister and sister's boyfriend in another bedroom then Robert's daughter, his grandson and his daughter's boyfriend all in the smallest bedroom in the house - and an uncle sleeps on the couch. FACS took her from there and brought her and our grandson to her mother's 1 bedroom apartment where she lives with her Great Dane/Bull Mastiff mix in the basement with her landlady upstairs. FACS stated that arrangement is ok temporarily as there is no man in the house. Within 2 days, the landlady told the mother that she didn't want them living there. I know the baby's mother would have been screaming and swearing as she argues with her mother daily and she would be yelling at the dog and the baby if they were making noise. She took her son and returned to her boyfriend's house and went back to her mother's only to meet with FACS or return calls from her mother's number. Somehow, FACS learned that she was back at that apartment but she told them that her son and her boyfriend sleep in the bedroom and she sleeps on the couch...she is lying. I have explained all of our concerns to FACS in an effort for the to see that our grandson is at risk! They have told us that they visit once a week and Tanner is fine. What do they want - blood? Of course he is fine when they see him. They have an appointment made to meet with her and when they arrive at the apartment, it is a security building so they have to call to get buzzed in. Of course Tanner is going to appear to be alright. When they left, I guarantee that she gave our grandson a bottle, turned on the tv, sat him beside her and when back to sleep. Depending on how she feels when she wakes up at some point - she might give him something for his lunch...he loves sidekicks but she would have to cook them. Most times she says that he wouldn't eat and just gives him another bottle. Because she is living with her boyfriend's mother - she cooks dinner so Tanner most likely is fed at that time. Now that the mother will not speak to myself, her father, her mother and her gramma, Tanner is isolated and at risk in her world. We have his own bedroom for him, I have clothes appropriate for any weather, I spend a fortune buying him fresh fruit, vegables, yogurt, etc to ensure he is eating well...he has little friends he plays with here. Our home is loving, nurturing and structured..a place where this little guy would be safe and not at risk of any kind. But - FACS wants blood...they don't have "quite enough". I wish I had never contacted them...they are supposed to be a Child Protection Agency but they are protecting the mother and not the child. Because I contacted FACS in regard to our concerns...believing that they would ensure our grandson would not be placed at risk - we have no access to him now as his mother won't allow us to see him and FACS can only suggest that he be around his family for supports. I pray our grandson is safe and I won't give up. I don't have money to hire a lawyer but I will continue to contact the FACS worker on a regular basis to ensure that they are aware of anything I hear about. What sin to make a small child live like that.
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    Lisa Haarink, Canada

    5 years ago
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    Kim Robb, Canada

    5 years ago
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